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By participating in nonprofit board service you have the unique opportunity to share your professional skills and expertise to make a significant difference in your community. Integrating board volunteerism into your workforce management strategy can be a powerful way to create balance so employees stay engaged and find fulfillment in their lives.


Why Should Your Company Partner with Boardlink?


BoardLink is committed to engaging businesses and community partners in philanthropic initiatives that will further your corporate mission of caring while improving the social environment in which you operate.


For your employees, Boardlink provides opportunities for professional staff to choose and support local causes that they find important, opening up networking resources as well as unique opportunities to serve.


Your corporate professionals are in a position to offer unique problem-solving, planning and management skills that can be vital assets to nonprofit organizations that are addressing the needs of our communities. Conversely, serving on a nonprofit board can help your staff expand upon or diversify the skills they are looking to hone for their own career growth.


In addition, supporting an employee’s board membership goals is a valuable addition to your current employee benefit package.


How BoardLink Works

Our experience has shown us that successful board members are willing to invest time, energy and other personal resources when they are passionate about the work of the nonprofit they serve. So we make it a priority to match professionals with nonprofits that fit their interests or concerns. An engaged and supportive board member will become an ambassador for the organization, willing to champion the work to others.


BoardLink Process


Candidates are nominated to participate in the board-matching program by their employers. Individuals complete an application that asks for professional and educational background, and to identify types of organizations the candidate might interested in serving (i.e. health and human services, arts and culture, education).



All candidates are interviewed by phone or in-person to discuss their application details, including their unique background experience, interests and availability. This information will be used to compile a personalized Boardlink Recommendation Report containing specific nonprofit board member opportunities that complement the skills and interests of the candidate.



Each candidate received a detailed recommendation report to help them decides which charitable organization to pursue. Once a charitable organization has been identified a BoardLink representative will contact that organization to recommend the candidate. The candidate then meets with the board and staff leadership of the charitable organization to determine if it's a mutual fit. If agreed, the candidate moves forward in the organization's recruitment process and joins a committee or is elected to the nonprofit board.



Board member candidates participate in Boardlink’s comprehensive onsite or online nonprofit board governance orientation, including sessions covering topics such as the roles and responsibilities of a nonprofit board member, trends and best practices in the nonprofit sector, as well as legal and fiduciary responsibilities.


We will work with your employees until they find the right match.


If you are interested in utilizing these services please contact Maureen Cameron,  201-489- 9454, ext. 204 or mcameron@bergenvolunteers.org.





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