If you have community service hours to complete, here is how the Volunteer Center may be able to help you.


1. Download the Tracking Form and use our Volunteer Opportunity Database


Use this Tracking Form to keep track of your volunteer hours and obtain the coordinator's signature for each project in which you participate. Choose volunteer opportunities that fit your schedule.  To sign up, create an account on our website and then sign up for projects through our Volunteer Opportunity Database.  Please note: Not all agencies can accommodate court ordered volunteers.


Remember to track your hours. It's up to you to submit proof of your community service. Keep a list of hours worked on the Tracking Form provided. Please note: Once you have completed all of your hours, submit the Tracking Form to your parole officer.  If they have questions, they may contact the Volunteer Center for clarification.


2. Contact Agencies Directly


If you have many hours to complete, or need to complete them within a short period of time, you may prefer to work directly with an agency where you can work repeatedly, or for longer shifts. You may browse all of our nonprofit partners through our Partner Directory. Keep in mind that not all agencies accept court ordered volunteers.



3. Explain why you are Volunteering


Some agencies won't work with Court Ordered volunteers, or do so only on a limited basis. Be up front with them and explain why you are calling. Unfortunately, if you have been convicted or charged with certain crimes, you will not be able to work in certain agencies.  Each is different and they will be able to tell you what their specifics are.



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