What is Bergen's Amazing Race?

Just like the actual show “Amazing Race”, you will be asked to complete a mental or physical task to get your clue for the next location. Once you get the clue to where you’re heading next, you will have to get there to complete another mental or physical task. This will go on until you have reached your final destination. The first 3 teams to reach the final destination will be announced winners!


When and where is it going to be held?

Bergen's Amazing Race is set on Sunday, September 17. It will start and culminate at Van Saun Park located at 216 Forest Avenue, Paramus, NJ. Racers will have to check in with Bergen Volunteer Center by 8:30 am. Race starts at 9:30 am and teams will go all over Bergen County to solve puzzles and do challenging tasks. Teams with a head start will begin earlier.


How do I register for Bergen's Amazing Race?

Your team can register at this page. Please read this entire FAQ section first before registering your team.


What is the entry/registration fee?

The fee to enter is $75.


How many people in a team?

Two people will make up a team. Minimum age to join is 15. Anyone between 15-20 should team up with someone who is 21 years old and older.


How does the fundraising process work?

Aside from the registration fee, your team is required to raise a mandatory $250. We ask that you start an online fundraising page. Once you complete the registration we will email you instructions. You can upload photos and edit text to personalize your page(s). Then you can send e-mail to your friends, family and coworkers directing them to your personal page and asking them for donations.


The fundraising site will end on September 15. Teams are encouraged to raise more than the required $250. If you raised more than $250, the following are the perks:



















  • Fast Pass allows the team to skip any single task, once, during the race. The choice of which task to skip is at the team's discretion, but the power, if unused, expires at the end of Leg 8.
  • Location clue helps you figure out where you are going. You will text one member of the staff and she will tell you where you are going next.



Where does the money I raise for the race go and why is it important to raise more than the required $250?

Our community work relies on the money that our partners raise. It is from the support of you, through events like Bergen’s  Amazing Race that helps us continue our groundbreaking work and our impact to the people we serve. By raising money for the Bergen Volunteer Center:

  • Mentoring Moms and Mentoring Youth programs continue to transform children and mother’s lives
  • Chore Service keeps the elderly and disabled safe in their homes
  • Bergen LEADS and Teen LEADS continue developing future community leaders
  • All Wrapped Up ensures those most in need have a happy holiday season
  • Capacity building ensures that other agencies will have a stronger ability to aid our community


Will my donors receive a tax-deductible receipt for their donation?

Yes. Any donation made online to Bergen Volunteer Center will receive an electronic tax receipt directly in their e-mail. This is immediate. All check and cash donations will also receive a tax receipt within a few days of receipt at our office in Hackensack, NJ.


How many teams will qualify for the race?

Up to 25 teams can compete. The first 25 teams to register and pay their entry fee will qualify.


What should I wear?

Dress comfortably and put your sneakers on. Prepare to be outdoors and be active. You may get wet. We encourage teammates to dress alike. There will be a prize for best “uniform”.


Can we come up with a Team Name?

Yes, and it is mandatory. That is how we are going to be able to identify your team. There will be a prize for best team name.


How many sites will there be and how long will the race last?

There will be 10 locations that you will have to go to. It depends on your team’s ability to successfully complete challenges! We estimate 2.30 – 4 hrs. to complete the race.


Will we have help along the way?

Yes. There will be race marshals at the stops. There will also be “help” if you need. If you need to skip a single task, you can purchase a FAST PASS for $25. You can use this pass from Stop 1-8. After that Fast Pass is no longer valid. You can also purchase a LOCATION CLUE for $25 if you get stuck trying to figure out where you’re going next. It can be purchased by calling a specific number and asking for it. Each team can only purchase these two passes ONCE.


Will we be provided food during the race?

Your team will be provided water bottles and snack bar before the start of the race that you can bring with you.


Where will we meet before and after the race?

We will all meet at Van Saun Park. All teams must check in by 8:30AM. It is very important that all teams be there by 8:30AM to receive instructions. Teams who checked in after time will start at 9:30am regardless of how much money they raised.


Where will the race take place?

All over Bergen County.


What happens if it rains on race day?

You get wet! The race will take place rain or shine. In the event of severe weather, Bergen Volunteer Center will inform you about the status of the race.


Can my friends and family cheer me on?

Friends and family can meet you back at the park but they won’t be able to come with you during the race. They can join you for the awarding ceremony and after party.  If you want your friends and family to come for lunch, each person will cost $10. Bergen’s Amazing Race will culminate with a Fall Festival at Van Saun Park.


Will the events be covered by media?

The race will be subject to photography, video tape and possible media coverage. The images will be displayed on our website, social media, email blasts and press releases. Your registration counts as a photo waiver form giving us permission to use your photos.


What do I need to bring to the race with us?

Each team is required to have one “smart” phone. Race organizers will have team phone numbers in case we need to contact you while on the race course. Only one number per team will be given to Race officials.  You may also have to bring cash with you. Each location will be provided with a fast pass and location clue for purchase if need be. Only cash will be accepted.


How will we get around Bergen County during the race?

Your car.  Only 1 car is allowed per team. Please remember that you have to abide by the traffic rules of the county. No speeding, no beating of traffic lights, no rolling stop on stop signs. In short, no breaking of any rules. Teams found breaking any laws will be immediately removed from the race.


How will the rules of the race be enforced?

Race marshals will be located at each stop to make sure that you are doing the challenges correctly. You may also ask them questions that pertains to the race not about the challenge you are supposed to complete. They will hold tickets which you can buy such as Fast Pass and Location Clue.


What kinds of challenges are involved?

The challenges will include both mental and/or physical task. But don’t worry, they’re challenging but not death-defying. Sample tasks which are not part of Bergen Amazing Race are:

  • Taking a selfie with a tourist
  • Get an “autograph” from 3 random people
  • Hop on 1 foot for 3mins.
  • Solve a math problem in 3mins.
  • Do a jumping rope for 2mins.


What do we need to do to prepare for the race?

Read everything you can read about Bergen County. This will help you a lot as most puzzles and trivia will involve Bergen County.


What is provided for the teams?

Each team member will receive a Bergen's Amazing Race t-shirt and a bag with race resources.  Snacks and water will be provided for teams throughout the day.


What happens if several teams reach the location at the same time?

When multiple teams reach a location or stop at the same time, they will grab numbers from a volunteer stationed at the stop. Each team will wait for their turn in numerical order to perform a task.


Will there be any team eliminations?

The teams who have not finished by the time 10 teams are already back, they will be called back to the park without finishing the race.


What prizes can we win?

There will be prizes for the following winners:


• 1st Place

• 2nd Place

• 3rd Place


• Team that raised the most money

• Team with amazing team name

• Team with the most amazing team “uniforms”













Donations Raised


Raised $2,500+

One Fast Pass, One Location Clues, 2 tickets to Bergen Volunteer Center dinner and auction at the Stony Hill Inn on Nov. 9 at 6pm.

Start time: 9:05 (25 minute head start)


Raised $1,500 - $2,499

One Fast Pass, One Location Clue,

Start time: 9:15 (15 minute head start)


Raised $750 - $1,499

One Fast Pass

Start time: 9:20(10 minute head start)


Raised $251 - $749

One location clue

Start time: 9:25 (5 minute head start)






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