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Are you ready to take your employee engagement program to the next level?


Companies have been embracing corporate social responsibility for over a decade, yet employee engagement continues to be a major challenge for small businesses and global companies alike.

Employee engagement in corporate space is evolving and while group volunteering and company-wide donations are an essential part of a strong engagement program, many businesses are discovering that adding a skill based strategy can create a deeper and more purposeful level of engagement.


Employees are seeking meaning and purpose in their work and life and maintaining their identity by selecting jobs and careers that provide personal fulfillment. As an employer you have the opportunity to stand out in a competitive market, by utilizing SkillsLink to create significant community impact and giving your employees enriching corporate culture and a strong sense of purpose.


SkillsLink connects your corporate talent to short term volunteer projects that enhance the infrastructure of local nonprofits. Sharing your employees specialized skills and talents gives your employees a special sense of purpose in their corporate environment, while helping nonprofits build and sustain their capacity to successfully achieve their mission.


How Does SkillsLink Work?


Corporate Businesses who want to utilize SkillsLink as part of their overall corporate engagement strategy will be provided consulting services on integrating Skillslink into their existing program.

Individuals and Businesses will have access to the following SkillsLink process.


Register for SkillsLink Online


Employee volunteers complete an online SkillsLink intake form assessing their professional skills and qualifications preparing them to be matched with a pool of deserving nonprofits.


Custom Matches


Once you have completed your assessment, and provided a professional resume, you will be provided a recommendation report of local nonprofit’s short term projects. The volunteer will choose from the short list of recommendations.



Meeting with Nonprofit and Project Review


Once you have chosen your skills based project we will arrange a call or meeting with the nonprofit you’re serving to discuss the details and timeline of your volunteerism. All projects are a minimum of 1 day and a maximum of 4 months in length.


Customer Support


Our SkillsLink project advisors provide reliable customer support from the initial intake through the successful completion of your project, including unlimited email, phone and relationship management support.



Our knowledge and expertise allows us to make

the perfect match for the biggest impact!




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