Skills-based Volunteer Service


Do you want to make a difference beyond the typical done-in-a-day group volunteer project?

Put passion and purpose back into your employees engagement by offering their professional expertise to causes they care about.


Become change-makers while honing their skills, building their resumes, and expanding their networks.


SkillsLink can help you determine which skills your employees can offer and match them with a nonprofit agency that can use those skills to further their mission.




What is SkillsLink

SkillsLink is a high touch and personalized custom skills based volunteer matching service. This program prepares and refers corporate professionals to short term volunteer opportunities with local nonprofits in order to enhance a nonprofit’s best practices.


For Businesses, integrating skills based volunteerism into your engagement strategy is a powerful way to create balance so employees stay engaged and find fulfillment in their lives. The importance of this type of specialized volunteering demonstrates your commitment to the community and the way your employees are able to connect with causes through their work. According to 2014 Giving in Numbers report, the number of businesses reporting having some kind of pro bono program has increased from 30% to 50% in the past six years. It is the fastest growing trend in corporate employee engagement. The impact of skills based volunteering out numbers traditional volunteering 5:1. (2013 Millennial Report)


For Charitable organizations SkillsLink offers access to highly skilled professional talent in order to help your organization accomplish more with less. SkillsLink provides multiple pre-scoped projects with fully developed project management plans and unlimited project management support that makes Skills based volunteering easy and highly impactful.


Benefits of SkillsLink


  • High touch and personalized

We provide highly specialized, customized matching services that personally assesses your employee’s      professional skills and links them to pre-vetted nonprofit projects. We are not just a database of available projects, our personal involvement through each phase of your employee’s volunteerism ensures a positive, rewarding, and inspiring experience.


  • Deep knowledge of nonprofit consulting needs.

 The Bergen Volunteer Center has the pulse of our area nonprofits greatest needs. 77 percent of nonprofits  say they believe that skilled volunteers could significantly improve their organization’s business practices. Yet just 12 percent of nonprofits actually put volunteers to work on such assignments. We are the link to filling this incredible gap in our community.


  • Local Impact

We have our finger on the pulse of our community’s greatest needs. Keeping your support in New Jersey, you know face to face who is being helped, and can feel good that you contributed to solve an immediate problem that strengthens the state where you live and work.


If you are interested in utilizing these services please contact Maureen Cameron,  201-489- 9454, ext. 204 or








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